boo to plaster… or my lack of knowledge of it.

stair.jpgIn an effort to make the staircase look less like chipboard, and more like stone, I applied a light coating of plaster o paris. The moisture of the plaster made the chipboards weak, and I was beginning to think that it was the end for the staircase.
So it sat over night, and the sturdiness was back, albeit a bit fragile.
A good sigh of relief.
Another obstacle is painting the thing. It’s impossible!!
house.jpgPutting windows in made me feel like I progressed a little.
in.jpgI love the light coming in through the window.
I’m thinking that if this project gets finished, I can take photographs of scenes as the imagery for the story. I always loved set design, and photography, so I guess that’s what I’ll plan to do…


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