and it gets complicated…

So, after weeks of letting the house collect dust, I got to work on it a little bit this weekend. hh.jpg
This is a sketch of the back of the house, and I’ve made it more complicated by adding a basement. I tend to over think things, and I thought where’s the kitchen, the bedrooms for the characters… I guess if I’m investing my time into it, it might as well be packed with details (which I love).h.jpg
My plans for finishing this in March are definitely over. I’ve never had a long-term project like this before, and it’s been fun, so we will see what will be the end result.
This is a carving of an angel made by a craftsperson in Jerusalem. It is roughly carved, and I question what he is holding (a duck or a swan?)
I love holding it and feeling it in my hands and knowing that someone took their time to carve it.


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One Response to “and it gets complicated…”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hey, Its looking great Jasmine, I love the basement, good idea

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