Gathering Clouds

My friend and I have been working on this shadow puppet film for the past couple of weeks, and it’s been so much fun figuring out the story and the technical aspects of it. I think music is the next step to completing this project.


3 Responses to “Gathering Clouds”

  1. kareche Says:

    It’s beautiful! I like it so much. I work with children and I’m sure they will love it. Congratulations!!!

  2. cat lauigan Says:

    hi jasmine! happy new year! it sucks I didn’t get to see you in california, I missed you by a couple hours! I did get to hang with Shana the night you left and holy wow, she showed us the animation you guys made and it took everybody’s breath away, really!
    I also got to see your large drawings in the studio and they are beautiful, talk to you later!

  3. yulia Says:

    Hi Jasmine,
    the story is lovely and that cute smoking pipe character… Nicely done and I like graphic quality of it, ambient, atmospheric feeling and that you guys chose monochrome solution. To say that this is the cutest animation I saw in years (not counting Ratatule) is to say nothing.

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