My trusty ibook g4 has officially bit the dust, and for a week I realized just how much I depend on a computer.  Thanks to my always supportive parents, they have given me a new and fresh start.  I have a new imac, and have finally uploaded the creative suite (purchased last spring). 

Starting today, I’m going to start updating my blog everyday.  
Here’s a photo of what I’m currently working on.  I’ve been sewing a lot, and I decided to add to that process some printmaking.
 I’m pretty excited about this project, and I’m hoping to get some stationary, and pins out of it.
 Yesterday, I went shopping for a care package to send to my brother, who is currently serving overseas.  I went to Pearl River to get snacks, and also got him a tortoise charm carved from stone.  It was the perfect thing, since everyday I wear a little turtle charm he gave me years ago.  
When I get nervous, I always grab onto the charm, and it comforts me.  
I promise, I won’t be drawing sad faces all the time.
So, check back soon! 

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