I have always had great curiosity about my mother’s family, and knew that my maternal grandmother came from a family that once resided over great quantity of land. During school beaks, we would visit my great-grandparents house, which had an entry hall lined with curio cabinets filled with antique artifacts. It used to scare me because the lighting was always dimmed, and I was convinced that there were ghosts.
I recently decided to see if I could find out something about the family, and eventually came up with Kira Yoshinaka. Kira, was a nobleman who was murdered by the 47 ronin, which is a famous historic tale in Japan. I knew vaguely about the story growing up, and jokingly asked my mother if he was our ancestor, and she told me that he was. I was a little shocked, but then remembered a while back when she told me that a historian came to visit my great-grandparents years ago. I suppose since he was viewed as the villain, that part of the family history wasn’t talked about too much.  Nothing like crazy family history to keep things interesting.

One Response to “Kira”

  1. johanna Says:

    very beautiful illustration and i like the backstory too

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