I was looking for something this morning, and went through everything I owned, and saw this wallet in the process.

It belonged to my maternal grandmother, and it always makes me stop to look at the workmanship, her business cards, and a map from an event she had attended still there in the lining.

It dawned on me that most of the things that I hold dear from her are handbags and wallets. She used to make me tote bags with fabric adorned with anime characters, and I would use it for school. I think my memory of her sewing station at her house, and seeing work in progress made me want to sew as well.

My grandmother made this drawstring bag, and I always take it with me on trips.

There’s some pretty neat graphic patterns and I’ve always loved the red, black, and gold color combination.

She was such a kind and generous person, and these objects always makes me feel comforted somehow.


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