Keeping it optimistic!

Today started out great!

I got in the mail this little guy I bought form RothschildStudio‘s etsy shop. She sells beautiful ceramic sculptures, and a bunch of lovely ojime. I absolutely love him!!! I think I actually squeaked with happiness when I opened the package.

I’ve had a fondness for monkeys ever since I could remember. I have always had stuffed animals of monkeys, and when I grew old enough to comprehend the concept of surnames, I came to learn that my mother’s family name was Saruta. Saru in Japanese means monkey, and I always thought it was funny and odd but great nonetheless.

While in high school, I became fascinated by mythology and creation myths from around the world.  I got a book one day comprising of Asian creation myths, legends, and deities, and when I got to the Shinto section I saw my mother’s surname staring back at me. Having never read much on mythology and Shinto deities, I was pretty shocked, and surprised. The deity called Sarutahiko okami was a guardian kami, and he is said to have guided the grandson of the sun goddess from Heaven to Earth. It’s pretty fascinating, but it makes me wonder how my grandfather’s family got that name…

Either way, I’ve always loved monkeys as a sort of omen for good luck, and I even wear these little guys around my neck on a daily basis.

So, even when things are looking grim, I’m keeping my optimism high and hopeful!


One Response to “Keeping it optimistic!”

  1. pat Says:

    That little monkey was a great find – so cute!!!

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