wonderful little things

I love when I witness something that makes me smile.

On the bus, there was a 6 or 7 year old identical twin brothers looking out the window and talking to one another. The great thing was that they were speaking in Chinese(Mandarin or Cantonese I can’t distinguish the two) and every so often, they would say the same word at the same time. At one point one of the brothers started humming a song, and his brother chimed in.

Oh, to be that young again…

When I got on the 1 train at Whitehall station, I sat directly across from an MTA worker dressed in his work uniform, with a winter hat and bag, adorned with the logo. A young European tourist came over and asked him if he worked for the MTA and the ferry, and the man told him that he was a janitor for the MTA. The young man then showed him a knit hat with a logo which I assumed had something to do with a transit system back in his home country, and asked if he would be willing to trade hats. Mr. MTA initially told the young man that he really needed his hat, and the matter seemed to be settled.

A minute later, he took out his MTA baseball cap from his bag, and offered to trade that with the young man.

I swear everyone in the train was smiling after the trade.

When people are good and decent to one another, it fills me up with so much hope:)


2 Responses to “wonderful little things”

  1. voz Says:

    More, more of that kind of thing! I love hearing stories like this.

  2. ilena Says:

    Came across your sweet tiny cranes on craftgawker and had to check out your shop then blog. I must say the images here have really made me smile. Love your work!

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