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I’ve been working at Brooklyn Charm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since last summer, and started as an intern even before the store opened its doors.
I owe Tracie so much!
So I had my first class tonight, learning the art of silversmithing at Fitzgerald Jewelry studio.
I even thought about going to Maine College of Art for their jewelry program, before choosing to come to NYC.
I have no regrets, but I am so glad to have this opportunity to learn something I’ve always wanted to learn.
The first day of class was great!  I got to practice melting down recycled sterling silver with a torch, and messily pour an ingot.  As well as getting used to the basic tools like the hand saw and files.  I seriously broke 5 saw blades…  Not too great, but I’ll get the hang of it!
I’m excited for the future, and expanding on my knowledge and resources within the jewelry world.
The scan is of a wooden heart with aqua glitter on it, a pearl encrusted brooch nearing completion, and a brass star finding, which I’ve been using as a sample scrap.  I had ordered a set of 1/16″steel punctuation stamps, and they are very crisp, and detailed even for the size(though the scan is blurry).
Oh! I’ll also be moving soon!
Come March, I will most likely be living in Manhattan.
This will be a new and exciting year!

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