Some lovely flowers greeted me one Friday after work.
So did the awesome dinner!
I’ve been excited about the plants that we’ve been accumulating along the windows.  The vine crawling up the glass are Morning Glory’s, which will be blooming soon (I hope.)  I remember planting them in second grade with my class, and watching them grow, which is definitely bringing me that feeling of excitement.
This is one of my favorite finds.  A small jewelry box, which will become a terrarium.
This brooch was a small gift for a wonderful etsy seller, who sent us a whole new box of honey, after our initial order came to us partially intact, and mishandled buy the slippery fingered delivery folks…
Last but not least, this is a fun project I’ll be working on for a while.  I found at a goodwill, a simple candelabra, and decided right there, that I would encrust the whole thing in old jewelry parts.

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