My grandfather has a beautiful garden surrounding his house, and every summer, my brother and I would explore.  There were two things that we had to see, and one was the small shrine that sat behind the house.  The other was his collection of intricate, and perfectly pruned bonsai trees.

The bonsai that we loved the most represented an island.  A jagged rock with a bonsai sat in sand, which was combed meticulously to represent water.  What we loved most were the tiny crab sculptures, which we were warned never to touch.

My brother learned the lesson after picking one up.


3 Responses to “island”

  1. jrt Says:

    nice story and illustration.

  2. michael Says:


  3. Kelly Light Says:

    I LOVE it!-i love your people-I love the brown ink/watercolor- you’ve got something here!

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